Our Featured Wood Furnaces, Boilers And More Products

At Pro-Fab Industries we are proud to offer customers all over North America access to the widest and most technologically advanced line of wood furnaces and outdoor wood boiler models. Our products provide a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to heating with fossil fuels or electricity, and our designs are just right for homes, businesses and even industrial settings.

At Pro-Fab Industries, we have been a leading manufacturer of wood boiler and wood furnace designs since the late 1980’s. Since our inception we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality indoor and outdoor wood boiler and furnace designs. We are committed to pioneering new products and developing the latest technologies to ensure that our wood gasifier, outdoor wood boiler and wood burning furnace models remain on the leading edge of alternative energy.

While all of our products offer a superior way to enjoy comfortable, sustainable heat even in the face of rising oil prices, the Empyre Elite and Pro Series wood gasifier models are leading the way into a new generation of wood heating with high efficiency, low emission combustion.  

When you are looking for an outdoor wood boiler or indoor wood furnace for residential or commercial use, we have the products you need. Our designs include:

Featured Product: Empyre Elite (Pro-Fab Industries)

Empyre Elite – The Empyre Elite indoor wood furnace delivers all the comfort and convenience of conventional furnaces while protecting the environment for the next generation to enjoy. Empyre Elite wood gasifier furnaces combine high efficiency heating technology and low emission smoke free combustion with a readily accessible and renewable fuel to make wood the heating choice of the future. This is an excellent solution for homes, small businesses and other outbuildings.  

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 Featured Product: Empyre Pro Series (Pro-Fab Industries)

Empyre Pro Series – This outdoor wood boiler series is leading the way in new high efficiency clean burning heating technology. For you, this efficiency means savings all around. The Pro Series wood gasifier burns cordwood, a renewable resource and easily accessible in many areas. The Empyre Pro Series operates best with large seasoned logs, making wood splitting obsolete. With the newly designed, smaller firebox requiring less wood, this outdoor furnace maintains burn times comparable to conventional outdoor furnaces at the same heat output, leaving you with less work and more time.  

Clean burning also means that the furnace does most of the work. Constant ash cleanup is virtually non existent with the Empyre Pro Series. The built-in cleaning portals make brushing out fly ash from the fire chamber and flues a quick and simple process. The superior heat of the gasification process also eliminates creosote buildup in the chimney and reduces moisture in the unit, preventing rust.

Whether you need an outdoor wood burning furnace for residential or commercial use or an indoor wood furnace to heat your home, Pro-Fab Industries has the solution you seek. Our products are all designed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest performance levels available. We take a great deal of pride in delivering wood furnaces and boilers that provide cleaner, safer and more affordable heat for homes and businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about the Pro-Fab line of wood furnaces, just explore our website further or download our brochures. You can also contact us directly at 1-888-933-4440 for personal assistance. We are happy to answer your questions about our Empyre line or any of our other fine alternative energy heating products.


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