The Pelco is an efficient, solid fuel fired, light industrial, hot water boiler. The Pelco is designed and manufactured to the highest professional standards with top quality workmanship. Farmers, manufacturers and greenhouse operators are just a few of the owners who have taken advantage of the highly efficient and economical Pelco. The Pelco has an Automatic fuel feed, ash removal, and flue cleaning. It has high efficiency, Low emissions More alternative fuel options, Committed service personnel. Multiple applications Heat your greenhouse, barn, office, school, carwash, and more...

How it Works

The Pelco Biomass Boiler connects directly into the existing heating system in your barn, greenhouse, office, factory, home, shop, or other building via a heat exchanger, ideally through a flat plate heat exchanger installed near the Pelco unit. The Pelco is designed with a central firebox surrounded by a large capacity water reserve. The firebox and flue design provide maximum surface area for the most efficient heat transfer. After the water is heated, it is channeled to your building’s heating system through underground insulated pipes.


Inside the Pelco



Major greenhouse operators across North America have saved on heating by installing one or several Pelco units. A properly plumbed Pelco is ideal for heating a series of greenhouses. The Pelco is versatile, with heating options for any type of building. Pelco boilers have been installed in schools, office buildings, car washes, factories, public swimming pools, and more. Whatever your application, there’s a Pelco for you. Poultry, hog, and dairy producers have found the Pelco to be an ideal choice for keeping their animals warm year round. The Pelco can heat homes as well as pools and domestic hot water. When used in an industrial application, the Pelco can often also provide heat for a residence on the same property.




Pelco PC 1020 PC 1520 PC 2520
Height 10' 11' 11'
Width 53 1/2" 61 1/4" 73 1/4"
Water Capacity 130 US Gal. 220 US Gal. 350 US Gal.
Shipping Weight 3,500 lb 5,000 lb 6,250 lb
Burner Size 20" 28 1/2" 36 1/2"
Maximum Input BTU* 750,000 BTU 1,500,000 BTU 2,500,000 BTU
Computerized Controls Included Included Included
Electrical Requirements 220 V / 20 Amp 220 V / 20 Amp 220 V / 20 Amp
Outlet Fitting Sizes 1 1/2" 2" 2 1/2"


*BTU numbers indicated are approximate input values based on tests using maximum value fuel. For proper sizing and output BTU values, contact an authorized Pelco installer. (BTU value will vary by fuel type)

Product specifications and appearance subject to change.