Dia Norm Panel Radiators

More Comfort - Less Wall Space

Why Panel Radiation?
You will find this kind of room heating in 80% of Western European homes. On the market for over 50 years, it combines comfortable radiant heat with individual room temperature control. Each radiator is its own "zone". Compared to baseboard heating, it takes up to 75% less wall space.

Why DiaNorm Panel Radiators?
DiaNorm has produced millions of high quality radiators and is considered top-of-the-line in Europe. Attractively designed, their high quality is synonymous with lasting value and the engineered, efficient heat transfer makes economical sense. DiaNorm panel radiators generate comforable heat at lower water temperatures than baseboard. Panel radiators can be piped with plastic "PEX" tubing that makes it much easier to install than copper. With DiaNorm you buy state-of-the-art technology.

The Material
DiaNorm Radiators are made of high quality 1.25 mm FePO1 Steel. The finish is epoxy powder coating that is baked at 400 F. The final color is white to RAL 9010 that can easily be painted over with any color.

The Quality and Warranty
DiaNorm radiators are built to the highest quality standards and carry quality seals such as DIN, TUV, EN, RAL, NF etc. The factory has been one of the first to receive ISO 9002 Certification. If properly installed, DiaNorm radiators come with a 5 year Limited Warranty.

Bottom Tappings
Water connections are not exposed, but located at the bottom. If installed in one-pipe "series loop" installation, diverting valves can be supplied that will reduce installation time and the amount of materials used. A unique flow setter, built-in the thermostatic valve allows the installer to regulate the water flow through each radiator eliminating the installation of additional fittings.

Temperature Control
An integral thermostatic radiator valve and a standard thermostatic head allow automatic and non-electric adjustment of the water flow (and temperature) according to the temperature setting. Since every radiator has its own temperature control, you can decide what individual room temperature you feel comfortable with.

Type 11
single panel with one row of convector fins
Depth: 2 1/2"

Operation Limits
Forced hot water (FHW) only (no steam)
Operating pressure up to 145 psi
Operating temperature up to 220 F

Type 22
double panel with two rows of convector fins
Depth: 3 3/4"

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