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insulation was designed specifically for under slab applications. Manufactured using two separate layers of 1/4" polyethylene foam with a pure aluminum center. This product is available in 4' x 63' rolls for easy application. It is simply unrolled and taped together ( this is necessary for a complete vapor barrier to be achieved). Slab-Shield provides excellent thermal performance, and a vapor barrier all in one easy to use product. With Slab-Shield there's no time wasted installing 4' x 8' foam boards. With a puncture resistance of 92.9psi you can work and walk on top of it without it crumbling apart. One major difference between Slab-Shield and the foam board insulations is the pure aluminum center-leaf of the Slab-Shield. It is important to know that in most applications the ground temperature that the insulation is going to be directly exposed too is a constant 55 degrees or lower all year round. Mass insulations (foam boards/extruded polystyrene) even though they may have high R-values (depending on thickness) will eventually stabilize at that constant ground temperature of 55 degrees or lower depending on climate. Therefore the mass insulation provides a constant drain on the radiant system and the slab. This is where the pure aluminum center-leaf comes into effect. It provides an effective thermal-break between the foam layers and prevents the slab or heating system from seeking the cold ground below it, thereby allowing the slab to reach temperature sooner and help the system perform more efficiently.

roll size is 4' x 63' (252 sq.ft.)