Renovator Pellet Burners


- Efficient Heat from Wood Pellets

- Two sizes to choose from. 20 kW and 30 kW

- The 20 kW unit has Approximately 68,000 BTU

Can be fitted onto the Force 20 hot air unit

- The 30 kW unit has Approximately 102,000 BTU

- Automatic Ignition

- Air Cleaned Firepot

- Easily Connects to Existing Systems

- Fully Automatic PLC

- Low Maintenance

- Compact Design

-Burn Back Protection

By Northwest Manufacturing, Inc.

Converting Made Easy

The Renovator should be mounted on the fuel gun door of the boiler. Ensure that there is
suitable space for ash to collect inside the furnace. If the door cannot be opened without remov-
ing the pellet burner, the burner can easily be removed and replaced with the mounting flanges.

Mounting of the burner

1. Locate the fuel gun door on the boiler. If possible place it so that you can open the door with the burner
still on.

2. Mark out where the burner is going to be mounted determine if the door needs to be modified. Mount the
docking flange and pack with fireproof insulating mat or high temperature silicone. Insert the burner and
direct it up straight and tighten the screw. If possible, we recommend that you mount a fireproof board on
the inside of the door. This reduces radiant heat on the burner. See picture example to the right.

3. Check that all door seals are air tight and that air cannot enter the boiler in any other way. If there is an
air leak in the boiler the burn efficiency will be lowered.

4. Once the burner is properly installed you can mount the auger. The auger can be supported above by a
chain, or below by supports.

Feed auger

The inlet end on the auger shall always be approx. 4 inches from the storage bottom. The angle from the
horizontal level shall be between 43 and 45 degrees. The feed auger has to be fastened well since it wants
to work its way into the storage. The auger can be hung from the ceiling or overhead support with a chain.
The feed auger should be placed so that it does not sit right above the tipping chute on the burner. This helps
reduce potential damage in the event of a burn back. The auger shall be removed from the storage at least
once per year and be cleaned from chip wastes. Then re-mount the auger and connect cable of the auger
with the burner and run it manually until pellets have been fed out from the auger for about 15 minutes. This
avoids air pockets that could cause uneven feeding. Ensure the angle of the auger is between 43 and 45
degrees each time it is removed for cleaning. We recommend that you run the auger a couple of times
manually for 70 seconds intervals and then weight each dose to see if the auger gives an even feeding. The
margin of error should only be within 3-4 %. In 70 seconds the auger gives approx. 150 grams that is the
recommended start dose.