The Bryan Outdoor Hot Air Furnace

"The Bryan Furnace" is a supplementary outdoor wood burning furnace that requires absolutely no building modification. Combustion is contained in a fireproof unit outside the building so there can be no accidental contact with the furnace. All ashes and fumes are outside the building. All that enters your space is clean warm air.
"The Bryan Furnace" line consists of six units. The smallest of the units is the Model 350 that produces 90,000 btu's. The Model 300 produces 130,000 btu's and the Model 450 produces 250,000 btu's. Models 300 and 350 come with either galvanized steel or stainless steel enclosures. The Model 450 comes in only galvanized steel.

    The Bryan Furnace is an airtight wood burning furnace located inside a well insulated sheet metal shelter. Air is drawn out of the house into the shelter, warmed by the heater, and blown back into the house by a fan. The shelter and firebox are sealed from each other so that only the clean, warmed air can enter the house.
    The fan turns on automatically when there is warm air in the chamber and turns off when the fire dies down, to prevent recirculating cold air. The fire is also automatically controlled by an intake damper thermostat located on the door that is adjustable to control burn rate and air temperature coming into the house.
    The combustion chamber of the Bryan Furnace is continuous welded 1/4" and 10 gauge steel, with cast iron and firebrick protection at all the hot spots to provide a lifetime of service. All sheet metal parts are galvanized steel or stainless steel on selected models.
    The Bryan Furnace is an airtight solid fuel furnace with internal baffling for maximum burn efficiency. Since the Bryan Furnace uses outside air for combustion and does not pull heated air out of the house to go up the flue, overall efficiency is higher than an indoor solid fuel heater.
    The Bryan Furnace comes complete except for the flue pipe. Included are the furnace with blower and electrical components, and two 48" joints of insulated flexible ducting. A "UL" listed class "A" 2100° chimney pipe must be used. A minimum of 12' is recommended.
    A homeowner can install the Bryan furnace in two to three hours with our optional Universal Mount Kit. Instructions for alternate installations are included with each unit. An 8" clearance must be allowed between the sides of the furnace and any combustible surface. A 16" clearance must be allowed between the rear of the furnace and any combustible surface.