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EFM Coal


Oil/Coal Stoker Boiler

Change Heating Fuels
With the Flick of a Switch.
The choice is yours! The convenience of heating oil or the economy of anthracite coal. EFM technology lets you make the choice.
When fuel market prices shift, so can you.


  • Time-Tested Design.
    EFM has been building America's finest coal and oil-powered boilers for over 75 years. The best engineering of both fuel designs goes into this hybrid heating unit. Hydronic or steam operation.
  • Plenty of Hot Water. For Less Money.
    Enjoy an abundance of hot water for showers, baths, laundry, all domestic uses. EFM's exclusive design summer/winter hot water coil produces 300 gallons per hour for far less than electric water heaters.
  • Clean and Dust-Free.
    Tight design contains all fuel and ash inside unit. Burns with a clean, smokeless flame whether switched to coal or oil.
  • The Best of Both Fuels: Oil or Coal

  • Switch to oil
    and the EFM Stoker Boiler is powered by a state-of-the-art Beckett flame retention oil burner - a modern marvel of penny-pinching combustion. Designed for whisper-quiet operation, the Beckett burner focuses the flame for more intense heat from less oil. Quality features include:
    Rugged, die-cast aluminum housing. Built better to last longer.
    Cadmium cell "split second" safety control.
    Lock-safe burner gate design eliminates chance of owner error when switching fuels. Burner cannot be fired until gate is totally open for 100% safety.
    Low maintenance costs. Designed for easy service and cleaning for lifetime of minimal service costs.
  • Switch to coal
    and you're releasing the energy of anthracite with America's most reliable coal-heating technology: the EFM automatic stoker. Coal is automatically transported from bin to burner via conveyor. Ash is neatly deposited in a dust-tight base compartment. Stoker can install on either side of the unit.
    Quality features include:
    " Coal Region Tested": Rated #1 among homeowners in Eastern Pennsylvania's anthracite belt - the toughest critics in the U.S. are also the most loyal to the EFM design. Accept no substitutes!
    Ratchet-drive stoker eliminates belts, pulleys, gears to change. Cuts maintenance costs in half.
    Unique EFM engineering assures perfect air/coal ratio for maximum heat, minimum fuel.