An outdoor furnace operates on a simple but very efficient principle: the furnace warms water to its optimal heating temperature which is constantly maintained by automatic controls, and then the heated water is piped to the desired location in the home using PEX tubing inside of Maxx-r pipe insulation. A circulation pump continuously circulates the heated water to provide proper heat distribution and Maxx-r pipe insulation ensures that the desired temperature is maintained without heat loss to the ground.

Burning wood reduces our dependency on foreign oil supplies, and is abundant in North America. Our furnaces from Woodmaster, Bryan and the Wood Gun are capable of burning small or large pieces and green or decayed wood, they can be used with fuel less suitable for an indoor fireplace/furnace with no ill effects. Alternative fuels can also be used if perferred in models made specifically for that type, such as the EFM coal burning furnaces.

An additional benefit to an outdoor furnace is the safety and cleanliness of keeping something like this out of your living space. No more constant tending, carrying ashes out of the home, smoke or carrying wood into the house. A properly insulated and cared for outdoor furnace may only need tending twice a day to provide you with safe, quiet, efficient heating.

Why not give us a call today to find out how we can set you up with an outdoor furnace of your own, fix an existing one, or just answer your questions or concerns about the whole idea. We're experts in all aspects of home heating through outdoor furnaces, radiant floor heating and the parts and installation neccessary to warm you and your living space for years to come.